Secure, GDPR-compliant Data Backup in Ireland

Rest assured your data will be automatically backed up on the schedule you set, encrypted to the highest standard available and stored on our secure servers in Ireland.

Online Data Backup With Datasure

Fully Managed Backup – Never worry about losing data again.

DataSure online backup and offsite storage allows you to store and safeguard all the vital files and folders held on your PC's, Laptops and Servers.

With DataSure, your data will automatically be saved offsite, safeguarded and remain available for you to restore, should disaster strike. Restore your data with ease from any computer. Read more about how our online backup works.

Our Managed Backup Service provides you with a DataSure Account Manager who will assist you every step of the way. We support you through set-up, configuration, monitoring and restoration. If a scheduled backup is missed, you'll receive an email and contact from our offices in Galway.

GDPR Compliant Backup System

Meet your GDPR Obligations – Backup and disaster recovery is essential under GDPR.

Compliance requires that you must have the necessary backup and disaster recovery processes in place and be committed to regularly testing the integrity and effectiveness of the solution.

Otherwise, your organisation could face heavy fines for failing to safeguard the data that you hold. We are seeing increasingly more organisations falling victim to cyber-attacks and sophisticated ransomware because they do not have the required backup and disaster recovery solutions in place.

Ransomware Warnings

Interpol have warned of a significant increase in attempted ransomware attacks, particularly against hospitals, medical services and those engaged in helping to fight COVID-19. They stress how important online security measures are at this time telling companies that, “They should also implement strong safety measures like backing up all essential files and storing these separately from their main systems.”

To read their suggestions on how to further mitigate against these attacks, click here to go to

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Online Data Backup

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Military-grade Security

Learn about our 256-bit key encryption, the highest level security available.

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Ransomware Protection

Learn how our system safeguards your data from ransomware threats.

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Customer Testimonials

We've been providing managed backup services for over 13 years from our offices in Galway. Read what our customers are saying...
  • DataSure have helped me with everything from start-to-finish and I never feel like I am just a number. I'm relieved to be finished with time-consuming manual backups and feel more confident that my data is secure off-site.

    Dr. Desmond Kennedy Brasscock Dental Surgery, Waterford
  • Shortly after we switched to DataSure as our online backup provider, we experienced a total hard drive failure on our server. With DataSure’s assistance, we were able to fully restore our data and where back up and running in a matter of hours. We were delighted with DataSure’s quick response and professionalism.

    Helena Fortune Emergency Response, Bunclody
  • It just isn't an option for a pharmacist to lose data. For this reason we decided to avail of data backup at the top end of the market. We have been using DataSure for 5 years now and are very pleased with our decision.

    Tom Feerick Feericks Pharmacy, Waterford


Browse our FAQs for answers to the most common questions.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.
How much data can I store with DataSure?
As much or as little as you want. For example, 10 gigabytes is about enough space to back up 30,000 pictures or 2,000 music files. If you want more space, you can easily buy more. We recommend backing up only irreplaceable files, and not music and video. The average amount of data a typical customer stores is in the region of 200Gb.
Which files do DataSure back up?
By default, DataSure will back up your documents, E.H.R records, spreadsheets, accounting files, and other work files on your computer. You can add and change file selections after DataSure is installed. DataSure will back up network drives and USB drives.

DataSure was designed to ignore files that are not usually backed up, like Windows and Mac system and application files, and certain temporary files.
How do I restore my files?
Restoring files is easy with DataSure. You can restore right from your desktop using the DataSure software, or from any other computer using just a web browser. You can even back up from a PC and restore to a Mac, or Mac to PC. You can select from any of the multiple versions of each of your files, or simply select the latest version of everything.
How long will backups take?
The first backup takes the most time, depending on your file sizes and bandwidth. For larger amounts of data, a seed backup may be necessary. But after that, backups take an average of about 20 minutes for a small business computer used for 'normal' purposes (from a study of 5,000 users conducted on September 15, 2008). Of course, if you add a lot of files, DataSure will have to back those up, as well. Backup speed is governed by the size of your files, the upload speed of your Internet connection, and the amount of traffic sharing your branch of the Internet.
How secure is DataSure?
Before your files are sent over the Internet, they are encrypted with military grade 448-bit technology. If you use a private encryption phrase known only to you, nobody (not even DataSure) can read your data. Your files are then sent to the DataSure Data Centre using an additional layer of encryption called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with the highest level of encryption and validation technology available (Extended Validation 128-256 bits). Your files are stored on the DataSure Servers in their encrypted form and are only decrypted if restored to your device using your encryption phrase.
What is encryption?
The process of making data unreadable by other humans or computers for the purpose of preventing others from gaining access to its contents. Encrypted data is generated using an encryption software program, encryption machine, or a simple encryption key and appears as nonsensical characters until it is decrypted. In order to read or use the data, it must be decrypted, and only those who have the correct password or decryption key are able to make the data readable again.
How long will DataSure keep my files?
You are in complete control over how many versions of your files DataSure stores, and for how long. You can set DataSure to store an unlimited number of versions for periods of time ranging from seven days to ten years after they have been deleted from your computer.
Does DataSure keep multiple versions of my files?
Yes. DataSure keeps any number of versions of your files, allowing you to restore from any of your previous versions by date and time. The default is 5 versions.